You can see my name above, but let me help you pronounce it ā€“ Key-In, like key in the door.

I am a 26-year-old graduate from Billy Blue College, with a Bachelor of Communication Design. Coupled with my design degree, I also spent 3 years studying illustration and traditional fine art at the Julian Ashton Art School.

After college I started working in advertising which has been fun and pretty challenging. I have been working across a broad range of campaigns with a multitude of deliverables; from digital banners, gifs, animation, websites and apps to print materials, pitch documents, packaging custom typography, illustration, branding and some straight up dirty retail work.

Iā€™m all about getting out and about trying to talk to as many people as I can to learn as much
as I can.

For me, an effective design solution is not only strong visuals but also well thought out and researched idea with a clear purpose. In my everyday job I love having an opportunity that allows me to incorporate my illustration skills and have a little fun. I spend a lot of my free time on illustrations or personal design projects. It allows me to pursue whatever creative direction
I feel like without restrictions.